Relief Society Conference 2014

Relief Society Conference 2014

A huge thank you to all those who attended our RS Conference on Saturday Afternoon.  More than 160 sisters and Young Women were in attendance.

There was so much on display to teach and inspire. Thanks to all the stall holders for their time and effort in making the hall a centre of sharing and learning.

Thank you also to Alan, Emily, Margaret and Rebecca for the wonderful classes run throughout the day to strengthen families and individuals.  They were enjoyed by all in attendance.

The Cafe was a ‘Wow’ moment as we entered the recreation hall, and our Young Women were tireless as they stood and served the most delicious food.

RS Cafe

Sister Ellen Route, who I think could be the most senior sister in our Stake made the day special by sharing her 95th Birthday with us.


Family History Consultants helped members identify Green arrows, and print FOR forms in preparation for the Stake Baptism Day, this coming Saturday.


Even our Choir practice for Stake Conference was the best we have had.

180 hand held heat bags were completed, and both St. George and Sutherland Hospitals will be grateful recipients of these.


Our theme, ‘By Small and Simple Things are Great Things Brought to Pass’ certainly was attested to, by the participation of everyone and the many little things things everyone learned.

We love you all so much,

Joy, Jessie and Denise
(Mortdale Stake Relief Society Presidency)


see more photos below:

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