Plant it Forward

Plant it Forward

Our Stake Goal is for all members to become temple submitters for at least one person – meaning that each member submits at least one name and performs these ordinances in the temple.

On the weekend, Mortdale Stake launched the Temple and Family History focus for 2014.

Based on the idea to Pay it Forward  (describing when the recipient of a good deed repays it to another instead of to the original benefactor), the Stake has come up with the idea to Plant it Forward

Each member is encouraged (with the help of the Family History Consultants) to seek out the name of one deceased ancestor, and prepare that person’s name for Temple Ordinances.  They are then encouraged to Plant it Forward, and help another person do the same.

Watch the video to find out a little bit more about this project.

We know that as we do this, our hearts will be turned to our fathers, and that we will feel the spirit of this great work.