Helping Hands for Newborn Hands

Helping Hands for Newborn Hands

Members of the Sydney Mortdale Stake, along with friends and family, gathered to assemble newborn packs for donation to the maternity wards of St. George and Sutherland hospitals.

The service project is the second collaboration between the hospitals and Mortdale Stake, with the first being Relief Society’s making of hand-warmers for the hospital patients. This idea of assembling newborn packs was generated from discussions between Social Workers of the hospitals and members of the Public Affairs team of the Stake. Ironically, it was a roundtable discussion of women, including mothers with firsthand experiences of both the excitement and challenges of caring for a newborn.

Ms Sinead Tierney, Team Leader at the Women’s and Children’s Health sector of St. George Hospital, commented, “Some mothers leave the hospital with nothing.” These heartbreaking words were echoed by other Social Workers who attended the discussion.

82 newborn packs were assembled on the night, each containing a combination of items including nappies, baby wipes, newborn bodysuits, singlets, baby shampoo, face towels and baby powder. Charlie Talivakaola, who attended the event, expressed, “It is not just about giving something to the babies. It is about welcoming and celebrating a new life, and showing support, encouragement and thanks to the mothers.”

As friends and family continued to bring donations throughout the event and as boxes were packed, conversations were heard of many wanting to do another service project of the same nature in the near future.


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