Community Leaders Welcomed at Stake Conference

Community Leaders Welcomed at Stake Conference

At our recent Stake Conference, members of the Mortdale Stake were pleased to have community leaders attend the Sunday General Session. The guests stayed for a luncheon after the conference.

President Andrew Campbell, counsellor in the Stake Presidency, commented that he was delighted with the responses to the invitations to attend the Stake Conference. Those who attended were Mr David Coleman, Federal Member for Banks, and Mr Craig Kelly, Federal Member for Hughes. Apology was received from Mr Mark Coure, State Member for Oatley, who regrettably suffered from a bad cold on the day.

Following the session of conference, a luncheon was held to provide an opportunity for the Bishops and their wives to meet with the community leaders. Mr Coleman and Mr Kelly also visited the Stake’s Family History Centre and the¬†office of the Sydney South Mission.

Mr Coleman spoke to the group at the luncheon on the importance of the family unit. He expressed his gratitude of being able to serve the community as a Member of Parliament, but he considered his most important role to be a husband and father. Mr Kelly echoed these sentiments and re-emphasized the significance of the family unit to the wellbeing of the community.

The Members of Parliament and the Mortdale Stake share a common interest in community service efforts. Both Mr Coleman and Mr Kelly are involved in the redevelopment of the St. George and Sutherland hospitals. The women of Relief Society recently provided handwarmers for patients at these hospitals and Mortdale Stake is organising another community service event that will also focus around the needs of these hospitals.


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