August Stake Conference

August Stake Conference

Sunday 24th August saw members of the Mortdale Stake attend their Stake Conference. Many said of the conference that they were impressed by the messages on forgiveness, service, family history and the importance of sharing the goodness of the gospel.

Those who spoke at the conference included President Lionel Walters and Sister Marianne Walters of the Sydney Temple. President Walters reminded those in attendance that the temple celebrates its 30th anniversary in September.

Sister Marieka Halls shared a message on the joys of marriage and parenthood. Despite the inevitable challenges that accompany her roles as wife and mother, she boldly stated that “I wouldn’t have it any other way” because of the long-term happiness that is received from fulfilling these roles.

In attendance at the conference were Mr David Coleman, Federal Member for Banks and Mr Craig Kelly, Federal Member for Hughes. Mr Coleman commented that he was impressed by the testimonies and experiences that were shared by the young outgoing and recently returned missionaries.

During the closing of the conference proceedings President Philip Barton spoke about forgiveness. Using the legal concept of ‘right to be forgotten’ as an analogy, he said that our mistakes also have a right to be forgotten. He invited those in attendance to forgive one another and not remind each other of past mistakes. He concluded, “We are a forgiving Church. We are a forgiving Stake. I hope that we are forgiving families.”